Dismantling barriers


Thanks largely to Labour governments since Roy Jenkins in the 1960s, basic equal rights are respected as never before.

But there is so much still to do.

The disabled and elderly are still treated shamefully.

Mental health and counselling services for people of all ages who need help are rudimentary.

Women are still paid less than men.

Racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia are still rife.

I stand for action to tackle all forms of discrimination and to dismantle the barriers which hold people back from being who they are and being treated with respect and equality.



Vauxhall is a pro-remain, pro-equality, pro-public services community. It's time it had an MP with the energy to end austerity and stop Brexit.

As the most Remain constituency in the UK, Vauxhall deserves to have the most Remain Labour MP.



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