End austerity


Tory austerity has devasted our public services and hit struggling families and children the hardest.

One of my proudest achievements in the last Labour government was reducing child poverty, and it fills me with shame that under the Tories the number of children in poverty has once again risen to more than 4 million.

Local authority funding has been cut by over a third in the last nine years, devasting local services.

Councils like Lambeth have had millions of pounds cut from their budgets for children and have been forced to close children’s centres or reduce vital children’s services.

As your Labour MP for Vauxhall I will relentlessly campaign to end austerity and reverse cuts to education and children’s services.

I know how important well-funded public services are.

My dad worked practically every day until he retired at 65, first as a waiter then as a postman.

But he needed help.

Andrew Adonis school visit

We all need help, particularly families and kids without money and connections.

I was in a children’s home a few miles away for the years my dad, a single parent, couldn’t cope with my sister and me.

I was lucky. I had great social workers and got a good public education.

The lady who ran my children’s home I loved like a mother.

No nonsense about bad behaviour and encouraged me to work hard at school.

It got me to a university and jobs I only dreamed of as a boy.

We need to end austerity to give every child in Britain a fair chance to succeed, and as Labour MP for Vauxhall that will be my mission.



Vauxhall is a pro-remain, pro-equality, pro-public services community. It's time it had an MP with the energy to end austerity and stop Brexit.

As the most Remain constituency in the UK, Vauxhall deserves to have the most Remain Labour MP.



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