Green New Deal


Climate change is a crisis that affects all of us.

And we all have a responsibility to act.

As Transport Secretary I pioneered electric vehicles and a new generation of rail electrification.

We need a Green New Deal to drastically cut our carbon emissions before it’s too late.

Climate change can only be stopped through unity and that’s why we need the EU.

Britain’s efforts will achieve nothing if the rest of the world doesn’t join with us.

In the UK we rely heavily on EU funding for environmental projects and without this funding emissions will likely rise.

We also observe EU environmental standards – which the tories want to ditch with Brexit.

We need to make public transport cheaper to encourage us all to use it more.

We need to make cycling safer and cheaper.

Extinction rebellion are right, time is running out.



Vauxhall is a pro-remain, pro-equality, pro-public services community. It's time it had an MP with the energy to end austerity and stop Brexit.

As the most Remain constituency in the UK, Vauxhall deserves to have the most Remain Labour MP.



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