Homes for all.


I grew up on a Council Estate in Camden Town.

I remember graffiti everywhere.

The piles of rubbish and the smell in the stairwell.

The gangs of teenagers bunking off school.

I know that good quality social housing is vital for strong communities.

We need a housing revolution, and nowhere more so than Vauxhall.

While million-pound apartments are being built, Lambeth has the second largest social housing waiting list in the country at over 28,000, and private rents are skyrocketing.

We need to build a whole new generation of social housing, so that people don’t have to live in modern private rented slums, and so we build mixed communities we are all proud to share.

In Lambeth we are building hundreds of new council homes a year.

We need to be building thousands, and we need to make new development work for local people, not just for property developers.

I know how to make big change happen, and I know that we can transform local housing if we have the will and energy to do it.

That will be my mission as your Labour MP for Vauxhall.



Vauxhall is a pro-remain, pro-equality, pro-public services community. It's time it had an MP with the energy to end austerity and stop Brexit.

As the most Remain constituency in the UK, Vauxhall deserves to have the most Remain Labour MP.



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