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Brexit is a national and international disaster.

Our vibrant links with Europe, to look out for each other in security and defence, to trade, to work, to travel, to do science and culture together, are to be cut in return for isolation.

To rupture our trade and our place in the world chasing moonbeams, to cower behind borders that shut out our continent and to seek to resurrect an unachievable island sovereignty – together, this is a dead end that can only result in widespread suffering.

Britain should lead, not leave; we should make, not break.

The outcome of Brexit will define Britain for a generation.

Andrew Adonis Brexitometer

A year and a half ago I decided that I could no longer sit on the side-lines, and I resigned as chair of National Infrastructure Commission to campaign against Brexit full time.

Since then I have travelled across the country, organising and speaking at over 160 pro-EU meetings and rallies.

I became vice-chair of the European Movement and helped build up a ground army of volunteers ready to win a People’s Vote for Remain.

Labour has always been an internationalist party. It must be at the forefront of the campaign to stay in the European Union, and as a Labour MP I will lead the charge.

I will continue to push for a People’s Vote, and when we get it, I will campaign to Remain with all my energy.



Vauxhall is a pro-remain, pro-equality, pro-public services community. It's time it had an MP with the energy to end austerity and stop Brexit.

As the most Remain constituency in the UK, Vauxhall deserves to have the most Remain Labour MP.



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